About Us

How it all started...

In 2015 Phoenix, Ariz. native, Juan Ojeda, had a vision - to purchase a taco cart and serve the best tasting carne asada tacos in town. An ASU graduate and local food junkie, Juan has always had an acquired taste for street tacos, especially carne asada. After eating numerous authentic tacos throughout the years (some that he loved and others that he wondered how they were still in business), he began grilling his own secret street tacos and eventually decided to take his passion to the next level, and share his tacos with the Valley. Within the first month of business, Taco Head became the talk of the west side of town when it came to authentic Mexican street tacos.


Our carne asada, grilled chicken and all other meats are marinated with Taco Head's secret marinade and spices making each bite juicy and mouth-watering.Our recipes for all of our home made salsas have run in our family's generation for years.

Tacos are
our passion

We take pride in providing our customers with the finest tacos in Arizona! All of our tacos are 100% authentic Mexican street tacos and none of our food is grilled or served in a rush. When it comes to the best tacos in town look no further